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How the classes work


Sessions last 60/90 minutes and follow a similar routine each week to engage the children fully. 
Sessions include a wide range of outdoor activities to challenge, stimulate and involve all children. 
All resources and equipment needed for activities will be provided.
To enjoy the sessions fully, children must be warm and dry. A warm insulated coat, waterproof trousers or puddle suit and wellies are recommended. Adults need to remember to wrap up warm too. 
All sessions will be entirely outside so hats, scarfs and gloves may be needed on colder days.
Due to the nature of the activities (and as our name suggests) children may get muddy and dirty, however we believe that is all part of the fun and the learning process!
Each session is planned and delivered in line with a Nursery/Reception class, introducing children to the structures and routines they may encounter during their academic life. There will be times the children will be encouraged to play and explore, other times the older children will be required to listen and respond with adult support, giving a gentle introduction to school life.

Meet the friendly monsters

Explorer Ella


Creative Chloe


Role play

Observer Oscar



Energetic Eddie



The monsters sometimes need help all at the same time!

Benefits of the class

Educational Links:

  • Boost confidence

  • Encourage enthusiasm

  • Communication Skills

  • Problem solving

  • Gross and fine motor skills

  • Focus and concentration


Building stick animal home
Playing safely by water

Other benefits for the child:

  • Working closely with the natural world

  • Learning how to stay safe

  • Learning names of flora and fauna

  • Fostering imagination and creativity

  • Using all senses

  • Recognising and assessing risks

  • Seeing the woodland with fresh eyes

  • Getting mucky!

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